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One of the two registration plates was lost, how can I apply for vehicles inspection?
MVPI inspection can be done for vehicles with one properly fixed license plate upon presenting a notice of the missing plate issued from the competent authorities.
Does the inspection stations passes vehicles that have modification in its engine, chassis frame or dimensions?
As per article 25 of traffic law It is prohibited - without prior authorization from the competent authority (traffic department) - to make any modification in the vehicle that changes its color, features or basic equipment, or leads to an increase in its load or its planned dimensions
For trucks inspection, is the truck (head) only subject for inspection or should the truck be brought with the trailer (tank or flat)?
MVPI Stations currently receives all types of trucks and trailers that are subject to inspection under the General Directorate of Traffic rules so you have to bring the head and trailer together.
When Brand new Vehicles are subjects for MVPI inspection?

As per article 26 of traffic Rules The periodic technical inspection of private brand new vehicles shall take place after completing three years from its registration for the first time unless the General Directorate of Traffic specifies a period of less than that for periodic technical inspection for the reasons it deems necessary and should be inspected annually thereafter.

Public taxis, public buses and public transport shall be subject to periodic technical inspection after two years of their authorization to travel for the first time and shall be inspected annually thereafter unless the General Directorate of Traffic determine a period of less than that

After completing the repair works of my car defects, workshop workers recommend one particular lane to move thru for obtaining pass result? Are the MVPI test results differ from one lane to another?
MVPI test procedures are identical in all inspection lanes, therefore motorist is not required to commit to one particular lane rather than to ask the workshop workers to guarantee their repaired works.
When arrive to inspection lane what motorist shall do?
Upon arrival to inspection lane, motorist has to remove all valuable items (money, mobiles,…etc) from his car and to move to side pedestrian area awaiting the completion of inspection process.
My car failed MVPI test, where shall I go after inspection?
In case of vehicle failure, customer should approach the information office to get full explanation on failed items before moving to repair workshops.
Is it possible to inspect a vehicle that hold non-Saudi registration?
Yes, any foreign vehicle can be tested at any MVPI station upon presenting its original registration document.
When can I do the MVPI test?
MVPI inspection for any vehicle can be conducted at any time according to owner or motorist interest, this includes for example preparation for departure or before applying for new traffic process or in case of existence of vehicle defect that requires proper check or to discover any imminent defects or even after repair resulted from traffic accidents.
How to obtain a replacement for the damage MVPI sticker?
A replacement for the damaged MVPI sticker can be obtained for the remaining certificate validity upon presenting the remaining portions of the damaged sticker which should illustrate the sticker number together with the original car, in this case a re-inspection fees is applied, otherwise a new normal inspection shall be conducted with new normal fees and new inspection validity.
Do MVPI stations offer a specialized service for the handicapped?
MVPI stations offers a free inspection services to the handicapped persons for one vehicle per year if the vehicle is registered under the name of the handicapped person as per the handicapped card.
Is it possible to apply for MVPI retest of failed vehicle in another station that conducted the normal test?
Yes, MVPI re inspection services of a failed vehicle can be completed at any station.
What are the required documents prior to conduct MVPI test?

MVPI test can be conducted through providing one of the following documents:

The original Estimara or its attested photocopy from traffic department or computer print of vehicle data from traffic department or original custom card for imported vehicles while for vehicles sold on leased purchase system it is required to present attested photocopy of Estimara from vehicle agency.

Are imported cars from abroad subject for MVPI test?
Yes, imported vehicles can be tested at MVPI stations through presenting the original custom card that issued to vehicle upon entrance to kingdom.
How to obtain a replacement for my lost MVPI test certificate?
Replacement for the lost inspection certificate can be obtained free of charge at any MVPI station through presenting the original Estimara only provided that the vehicle has passed the test.
What is the validity of MVPI test certificate?
Validity of MVPI test certificate is a full one year from the date of test.
What is the requested procedure after passing MVPI test?
Data of passed vehicle are instantly downloaded at the ministry of interior system (ABSHIR) that make it ready for any further traffic process.
Is there an On-Line booking to inspect a vehicle ?
MVPI stations receives a huge number of vehicles on daily basis that takes a short period of time over the test equipment which means that every minute has its value at inspection lane therefore scheduling of vehicles for test is not possible, instead early arrivals can be served first.
My vehicle has passed MVPI test, but I did not find my vehicle information at ABSHIR system?
This indicates an existence of vehicle data error registered in either Estimara or inspection report. In this case, customer should validate vehicle data registered in the inspection report against the original Estimara, wherein any deviation at Estimara should be corrected at traffic office while any deviation at inspection report should be corrected at MVPI station, in both cases resending of vehicle data must be done by MVPI station.
Where to do a repair for defects of failed vehicle, is there any specialized workshop for doing said repair?
Vehicle repair can be done at any specialized workshop according to customer interest, we do not recommend any particular workshop for repair, but we recommend selecting an equipped workshop that can verify conducted repair before sending vehicle for retest at MVPI station.
What is the allowed period for the repair of vehicle defects In case of vehicle failure in MVPI test?
In case of vehicle did not pass, it must be brought back for re inspection within two weeks from the date of test.