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It is not important for the driver of the vehicle to be skilled on how to maintain or troubleshoot his vehicle faults. However, he should have simple knowledge and get familiar with its performance and to extend required service for it. In case he realizes some changes in its performance e.g. Hearing up normal sound in the engine or in some parts of the vehicle. Under these circumstances, it deem necessary for the motorist to conduct inspection and maintenance required in order to avoid any hazards situations. Obviously in the existence of any damages or defects which affect the performance of the vehicle that may endanger, it represents threaten for its passengers and the passengers of other vehicles and institute. Therefore, the maintenance for the vehicle considers as significant for orders that have general care. In the brightness of the huge civilized development the kingdom witnesses leads to the big rise in the rate of the vehicles ownership with respect to the number of population, in addition to the tremendous increase in the number of kilometers that are crossed by the vehicle annually since the middle of 1970's which leads to the increase in the rate of pollution and decreasing in the safety level in the vehicles, also decrease in the maintenance level of the vehicles since the supposed year for one vehicle in the kingdom in that time or in the middle of 1970's between (4 - 5 years). The increase of accidents and mortality and injuries represented very highly level,  hence the natural using for the vehicle result in the gradual corrode and changes in some parts of the vehicles following with the possibility of making accidents. The position of technical periodic inspection program for cars that does inspection with safety items in the vehicles by various stages with the purpose of increasing the guarantee of the availability of accepted boundaries for safety from maintenance side and the availability of accepted term from safety requirements which leads to the decrease in the number of damage vehicles which represents cause for the occurrence of accidents. To put technical periodic inspection program for cars currently in the kingdom after many visits which were made by the responsible in many governmental sectors and qualified for developed countries in cars inspection scope and to take important advantages and to avoid disadvantages, after that to make design for the ways for technical inspection as currently exists in the stations of technical periodic inspection for cars exist in the kingdom. The scheme of technical periodic inspection program for cars currently in the kingdom is considered as one of the civilization performances which were achieved by the kindness of Allah after that by the policy of our government that appears in the wishful of responsible through their continuous following and their wishful for security and the safety of the country and the citizen by applying inspection program and to make wishful for the way of the scheme in order to perform the required results. The scheme of technical periodic inspection program for cars in the kingdom is considered as one of the significant program for traffic safety that the general management for traffic takes into consideration for the application of the traffic safety realization and to determine the traffic accidents and what result from negative results. Therefore, the scheme of technical periodic inspection program for cars currently in the kingdom which considered as the brighten face for the general administration for traffic particularly and generally in the kingdom. After applied systems studies in various countries and by making comparative between them this scheme proves that it is successful and pioneer for all standards and it has the best applied program until this period all over the world. It performed the required purposes through its realization of all requirements from the application of technical periodic inspection program for cars. And to make the scheme obtaining international quality certificate for quality (ISO)[ ISO 9001 : 2008 ] which considered as the first inspection foundation in the world, also it obtained like this international certificate before many years for international ISO certificate with old copy (ISO 9002) which considered as the first inspection institution in the world that gained it conclusive evidence for successful level that the scheme performed with the kindness of the highest level from administrative and technical instruments. Furthermore, it obtained the developed international quality certificate ISO (ISO 9001 - 2000) which concentrate in the Effectiveness in achieving goals. By the development of inspection scheme in the kingdom, many of international countries especially Arabian countries and gulf one start to apply inspection scheme similar to what applied in the kingdom after the following of the delegations from various parts of the world to visit kingdom that in order to see and to make quotation from this scheme as inspection system, items, maintenance, devices and training.