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When the scheme of periodic checkup was started in Saudi Arabia. The Authority was concerned on geographic covering to regions, cities and towns with technical checkup stations. Till today there are 28 checkup stations in the towns of the Kingdom. Some of them contain ten streams and others have 5 streams or 3 streams and others have only two or even one stream.

The stations of periodic checkup covers 98% of the intensity of the cars found in Saudi Arabia. The authority considers the spread of the stations to cover all regions and towns of Saudi Kingdom. To give the citizen better service. That comes as a result of excellent service it offered in cities and towns.

Since the Kingdom has a large area. Some towns has low population intensity. The authority of checkup seeks comfort for citizens and hope to achieve all ambitions to be turned to the best service. The first mobile checkup station has arrived on cooperation with International European Company. It is Characterized by developed equipment’s. The general administration is going to locate these stations to cover 100% By wish of Allah .