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  • Fully Computerized Inspection Lanes can inspect up to 4 vehicles simultaneously, ensuring a throughput of about 35 vehicles per hour.
  • The MVPI Stations are sized to the traffic density in the area. They range in capacity from 1-10 lanes. All stations regardless of their size and location offer the same consistent level of service.
  • The system is designed for Real Time Data Interchange with the Traffic Licensing Authorities.
  • Modular design of the system ensures easy adaptability to different climatic, cultural and regulatory environment.
  • The modular process can be interfaced with related procedures for insurance, type certification etc.



Department : IT

Managing information technology (IT) risks is a structured process that involves a series of activities designed to:

  • Identify risks
  • Assess risks
  • Mitigate risks
  • Develop response plans
  • Review risk management procedures.

Risk Description
Risk Rating Level
Risk factor classification(Internal/External)

Natural disasters such as:

  1. Fire, and Water leak also present risks to IT systems, data and infrastructure.
  2. Damage to buildings and computer hardware can result in loss or corruption of customer records/transactions.

  1. Implemented firefighting system in the Data center
  2. Water detection is implemented as well.
  3. Data Center Temperature monitoring through email notifications.
IT & Maintenance departments

General IT threats:

General threats to IT systems and data include:

  1. Hardware and software failure - such as power loss or data corruption.
  2. Malware - malicious software designed to disrupt computer operation.
  3. Viruses - computer code that can copy itself and spread from one computer to another, often disrupting computer operations
  4. Spam, scams and phishing - unsolicited email that seeks to fool people into revealing personal details or buying fraudulent goods.
  5. Human error - incorrect data processing, careless data disposal, or accidental opening of infected email attachments.

Moderate to High
  1. Dedicated Automatic transfer switch for the Data center and the branches as well.
  2. UPSs connected as clustered one.
  3. All servers are supported with dual power supplies where each server is connected to different UPS.
  4. Daily, weekly and monthly full backups are being taken for all critical servers and services.
  5. Periodical hardware maintenance and cleaning by staff to make sure all hardware is ready especially printers and keyboards.
  6. Antivirus is installed on all machines – servers and PCs.
  7. Anti-spam is installed on the mail server to protect the local LAN.
  8. Firewall is configured to prevent any external attacks.
IT and users in a limited scope such as proper usage of the HW and SW.
Internal & External

Criminal IT threats:

Specific or targeted criminal threats to IT systems and data include:

  1. Hackers - people who illegally break into computer systems.
  2. Fraud - using a computer to alter data for illegal benefit.
  3. Passwords theft - often a target for malicious hackers.
  4. Security breaches - includes physical break-ins as well as online intrusion.

Firewall Appliance + a Proxy server + TMG firewall as a software protection beside the appliance.
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