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Importance of inspection

In offering of all the vehicles to the technical periodic inspection for cars as it is provided by the applied procedures for technical periodic inspection for cars which relied from the highness, the royal prince minister of interior. Also the commitment for the continuous periodic inspection merits all the required results from the position of technical periodic inspection for cars. Also there are many largest benefits that were performed and are represented in the following points:

  1. Decrease in the rate of traffic accidents and restrict of its dangerous degree, in spite of the positive increasing in the vehicle density compare with age category which inters in the leadership scope that causes the vertical in percentage that is not less than 20 % from accidents causes with direct and indirect form.
  2. The determination of accidents number which lead to the death and disability with the percentage rate reaches 10 %.
  3. Restrict of environmental pollution levels which result from the releasing of cars exhaust or car stack.
  4. To determine the defect that exist in the car and also to determine the expected damage that may occurred.
  5. The lengthen of car age by decreasing from its import that result in the availability of thousands million from national economy.
  6. Disappearing of the deformity cars or that are invalid for passing and to cross the road going and returning and this result in causing accidents.
  7. To establish bank for huge central data in the general administration which contains information and details about cars that are revised in inspection stations.
  8. The supporting and gaining benefits for the governmental directions and the civil one from the data center which available to the general management for inspection in order to perform academic studies and international researches.
  9. The coordination of traffic movement and vehicles on road has a vital role in decreasing traffic suffocations which reflects negatively in the economy in addition to the restrict of the movement of the damage cars which make deformity for the civilization face for the kingdom.
  10. The availability of huge data bases about the damage of vehicles and its classifications.
  11. Increase of conscious to the citizen about the importance of conservation for rising of the vehicle safety level, maintenance and repairing.
  12. Attaching and rehabilitation of climate and training in order to attach national workers and to perform the highest percentage of occupational stability plan.