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Inspection Procedures

The performed roster for the periodic technical inspection system for cars that relied from the royal highness the minister of interior the main conditions for the periodic technical inspection system for cars determined the way for offering the vehicles for periodic inspection for cars as following:

  • The vehicle is offered to the private direction for inspection by the driver or the owner of the vehicle after performing its washing and cleaning with the concentration in the inferior parts and to stop in specialized place for it.
  • The license for vehicle traffic (application or form) or any formal documents that are required for specialized direction management that specialized in the inspection (these documents are returned to the owner).
  • There is inspection fees and there is voucher for it.
  • One of the specialized technical inspection by driving the vehicle and put it in the determined inspection path and after finish inspection procedures for the vehicle to be taken to the determined place for it.
  • If the vehicle passed inspection successfully, the inspection poster or sticker is fixed by one of specialized inspection technician and inspection document is given to the traffic administration from two copies.
  • If the vehicle failed in passing inspection, one copy from inspection document to the owner by clarifying the damage parts for it and maintenance for it must be taken into consideration and to be returned to inspection during the limited period of this roster.