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Inspection Steps

Car periodically technical checkup stations in the Kingdom is known for its honesty. That is due to the best checkup systems for cars in the world which it owns. Also the equipment’s and tools which are controlled by computer. It gives accurate honest results to far extent .

Checkup stations are precise on prescriptions and criterion which the authority insist on. The checkup is done in impartial rules. Checkup is done through several stages so that more than 73 parts of the car are checked through stages and steps as follows:

First stage:

Checking the vehicle identification i.e., Plate Number, Color, Chassis Number, Category and other information in the vehicle registration card with the actual vehicle. About (40%) of the vehicle parts assembly are visually checked, the Steering system, seat & seat belts, Safety indicators, tires, body, glazing, electrical, engine compartment, brakes system, doors and pillars, lighting systems.

Second stage:  

At this stage is the automated test for the front wheel alignment that measures the Toe-In Toe-out of the front axle wheels in meters per kilometers.     

Third stage:

At this stage is Brake deceleration test (Service & Hand brake) to measure the braking force and brake difference of the wheels, the brake drag is also measured.

Fourth stage:

An integrated test stage for the emission & headlight. Measurement of Hydrocarbon and Carbon Monoxide and for the Headlight photometric axis (Up/Down-Left/Right), luminosity.

Fifth stage

At this stage is visual inspection of undercarriage parts of vehicle Steering system, Suspension system, Brake system, Exhaust system, Chassis frame and sub-frame, Drive train, Corrosion, Fuel system, Oil leakage, Tires

Sixth stage

Inspection certificates and revalidation of vehicle data comparing the data from vehicle Registration card with the inspection certificate (Pass or Fail)