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In the time of instituting stations of technical periodic inspection for cars in the kingdom, the general management concentrates all its one time for the application of the international quality standards in all its activities, while for inspection stations a lot of disadvantages and one of the is the administrative system for quality which include all the technical inspection operations, administrative and support by using developed computer systems which includes integration of the project operations. Without suspicion, the operations of quality performance and observation from the management of quality to the inspection scheme doesn't rely on the inspection operations only, standardization and maintenance only but there is in strict inspection for performing quality inside each administration from the managements of the periodic inspection. The inspection from its establishing follows the highest quality policies and the scheme proved that it is pioneer and successful with all standards and it has the best and highest applied programs until this time in all over the world. The beginning was with the Germany TUV company that administrated project of technical periodic inspection for cars in the Kingdom during its releasing. It applied the Germany quality standards for management and operations and in the same time the application for Singaporean standards were done for what concerns with technical sides. After that the qualified national staff took the comprehensive management for scheme and there was advancing and development which went with fixed steps toward the application of the ISO qualified international standards and there was the institution of technical periodic inspection for cars in the kingdom as the first foundation in the world which obtained the international ISO certificate (ISO 9002) in management and operations scope. There is continuity for the application of the newest standards for ISO and there is continuity for crowning in order to obtain the inspection for the ISO developed certificate (ISO 9001 - 2000) which concentrates on the Effectiveness in achieving goals. Since the inspection management concentrates all its time on quality which obtained the newest ISO certificate (ISO 9001 - 2008) as the first inspection institution in the world and obtained the same international certificate.The INTERTEK International Company which represents the registration for international ISO certificates and it has specialization in inspection and relying on international quality systems, there is continuity for commitment for the stations of technical periodic inspection for cars in the kingdom with international quality systems and procedures for that the inspection program in the kingdom by the kindness of Allah is considered as constructive schemes that represents the shinning face in cars scope and what concerns with the development of traffic safety systems.The international ISO certificate is considered as the best international certificates which specializes in the international standards for the availability of the guarantees that connected with the ability of the inspection institutions for the complying of quality requirements and to make consolidation for clients satisfaction. The technical periodic inspection for cars is considered as the first institutions that applied the newest changes for new ISO system without any observations or any corrected requirements for that the periodic inspection passed all the external audits successfully for quality in all services and procedures after the gifted company for certificates organized many inspective periodic visits for inspection stations. After confirming the application of these standards for all inspection and fixing of its activities and its stability , the eyes were oriented towards Japanese quality standards system( KAIZEN ) that concerns with continuous improvement and there is holding for specialized courses for administration staff in order to make application for these standards which becomes as the part that cannot be divided for the continuous improvement policy for all the levels of stations of technical periodic inspection for cars in the kingdom. The strengthen technical periodic inspection for cars in the kingdom inters the advanced competitive rink for its activities according to the international measurements which assists for the expansion of it internally and to accepted internationally. The individualization of inspection with private natural activity enables it to obtain many performances which recorded by the kingdom name before anything. Also it obtained the third advanced rank among 42 international countries that participated in the fifth international festival for the precaution from traffic accidents that took place in Tunisia under the supervision of the international organization for precaution from roads accidents and Arabian organization for traffic safety. The periodic inspection is considered as the member in the international organization for cars engineers that its position in the U.S.A, also it’s a member in (C.I.T.A) which is considered as an international organization that intended for the inspection of vehicles that its location in Belgium and it is considered as the member in the Arabian organization for the traffic safety and its location in the Tunisia. Beside this there is many principals for administrations, stations in the periodic inspection represent members for Saudi committee for quality.