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Maintenance Department

The maintenance administration concentrates all one time in the main site for movement tools which managed by computer. Also there are periodic maintenance for these tools includes the standards that are documented by relied standards certificates which reached the highest level of traceability according to the manufacturer specifications that approval to the national and international standards which following to the international requirements council for specifications ISO - 9000 / 2000. It is all time concentrate one time in the availability of private tools with inspection operations according to the availability of the best techniques which available internationally for the purpose of offering the highest level of mechanized technical services and what follow to the necessary of the availability of modern system for maintenance operations for periodic standards, also there to be maintenance programs for the comprehensive programs for the various levels for supporting all the inspection stations for keeping its readability, accuracy, its documentation that concern with devices measurement according to the relied specifications and standards. The management is presenedized special engineering competence and rained from the company that manufactured these devices. In the stations there is availability of complete technician sections and it has the best preparing. There is availability for maintenance management for spare parts that are enough for operation and the continuity of stations with competence and activity without occurrence in any type of stopping that leads to the close of any station with the kindness of the availability of staff and computer systems which includes the consumption following and the spare parts requirements.

The current inspection scheme has the activity programs for protected maintenance, precaution and standardization a following:

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. Half year
  5. Annually
  6. Every two years

This was done according to the following:

  • Technicians who have highly skills and provided by all devices and necessary tools.
  • The accurately execution for protective maintenance programs.
  • The reservation for the appropriate level from spare parts and necessary stores for the maintenance activity according to the relied measurements.
  • The best training for maintenance technicians to tools maintenance, devices and the surrounding environment.
  • Documentation for maintenance results, standards and reservation or keeping for it data bases specially for it.