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Inspection Results

When the car pass the technical periodic checkup and it is sure that it confirming the traffic safety and availability of necessary Equipment’s, a document of checkup is given. A sticker is stuck on the required place. This is done according to Car periodically technical checkup which was approved by his royal highness minister of Interior. It should be known that the color of the sticker is changed annually to either white, blue, green, yellow, pink or orange.

When the car doesn't pass the checkup it is given a document to repeat the checkup.The parts that need be repaired are state.The repetition of checkup is allowed only for cars that fail for the first time within 14 days. The car that fail to pass the checkup is allowed to move on roads for two weeks starting from the date of the document for repetition. After repair of mentioned parts, the owner must Repeat the checkup.

If it was proved that the car is a case of danger for traffic safety, it is not allowed to depart the location of checkup. Supervised by traffic police the owner drag them. The reasons are documented on the report of checkup repetition.

The owner has the right to repeat the checkup at any section of the authority.The procedure for companies and corporations that own large fleet of cars are done as follows :

* The authority has the right to coordinate with the managers of the companies so that it can give better service. In this case a schedule is prepared to state the proper time and place.