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Standardizing Equipment’s and Systems

Among the advantages of the scheme of cars periodical checkup is that, it has got punctual management. The authorities are interested on executing service of checkup at all 28 stations in the Kingdom at the same standard through standardized equipment’s and tools, criteria and buildings. The employees are qualified in large cities and small towns.

This orientation made the whole of the Kingdom's stations keep the same excellent standard of service, Allah be praised. In addition, all of the stations are supplied with the same standard of system, programs and computers.

The checkup equipment used in the Kingdom are considered to be the best world's equipment. It is precise and powerful. They are controlled by computer. A computer net connects the whole of the equipment’s. They comprise identification data of the and all of the information concerning it.

The checkup equipment’s at all stations are standardized periodically. Special tools are prepared to do that. Specialized lab rotaries help to standardize the equipment’s The Saudi authority for specifications is responsible for this.