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The technical periodic inspection for vehicles and its operations require the availability of qualified staff who have the highest competence in achieving the inspection activities with the highest accuracy. To achieve this goal a training center was constructed with in Riyadh Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection station in order to enhance the technical human resources to achieve the required level of skilled workers who are able to handle the inspection programs. The training center was provided with a professional trainer to handle the training activities. Also the necessary tools, equipment & other training aids required to support the training courses were kept available at the training center. While all the training materials being used to ease grasping of the technical subjects by the training staff.

Type of training courses
1 Future mangers course.
2 The assistance of station manager.
3 Technical support engineers course.
4 Technical lane senior supervisor course.
5 Technical lane supervisor course.
6 Inspector course. 
7 Lane driver course.   
8 Refresher training course.
9 Data specialist course.
10 Station coordinator course.
11 Other courses.
In addition to these between five to six annual courses were held for Saudi trainees according to the occupation plan and saudian in the institution.