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Safety in the traffic scope is the main purpose that explains the purpose for which all plans, programs and traffic procedures are built and this is centralized in the traffic safety which rely on three elements:The driver, the road environment and the vehicle. The specialized authority concentrates all their time in making necessary care for all these pivots and every one specialized in what his concern. Therefore, we take into consideration the third element from these axes which is the vehicle. In spite of the availability of a lot of transportation substitutions in the world, the car will stay the basic instrument in transportation because it offers standardized levels from elasticity which responds to the different requirements of movement either personal or social one. The increase in traffic movement the human need guarantees to be offered to them producers startlingly and from traffic authorities subsequently about the cars safety which are driven by them.The best method for traffic safety is to avoid the accidents from the starting point and the proverb says: “Durham for precaution is best than Quintal from treatment”.The prevention of accidents to be prevented it is not possible operationally, for this reason the rise for comprehensive safety concept which doesn't concentrate on the safety of car driver but on the minimum protection for all the users of the road.Therefore, from this concept there are two types of the traffic safety:The direct safety or the activate safety which represents the precaution from accidents and the second type is known as the indirect safety or the passive safety which represents the decreasing of accidents results.

The Activity Safety or the Direct safety

In spite of the direct safety that doesn't participate in putting the position of driver's skill or the nature of his doing but it is considered as an important factor if there is guarantee from brakes work in all circumstances beside the availability of the large capability for the motor and the regular orientation and the comment that permits for the car with hasty and to avoid dangerous. This is required for motor safety either by what is given for the availability by the vehicle from coming circumstances and the facility for the safety driving. And this is called by the circumstantial safety which includes the suitable seating and the availability of appropriate operational environment like warming, cooling and others. The expansion vision scope is considered as the safety obvious, the lights enable for night movement and mirror enable from vision to the back and sides without making any change to the driver's sitting and the safety glass which free from any deficit. And this is called for sensibility safety, while the operative safety means the easiest method for using vehicle and the control instruments with safety and easily methods.

The Indirect Safety or Passive safety

We mean by this concept the availability of minimum protection against injuries not only for the passengers of the cars but also to the users of the road from walkers and the riders of bicycles. From important points for protecting the car itself and to reduce the damage and harmful or deformation that result from collision with the possibility of low extreme that by absorbing the energy that result from clashing by two sides the inferior and the interior one for the car “Overlooking areas” that was designed for absorbing collisions and to and to reduce it to the minimum amount that reaches the passengers room and to avoid harm to them. The safety of passengers room give the passengers of the car benefit from other safety specifications to the minimum extreme, since the decreasing of the number apophasis that rise from devices plate during the collision to the minimum extreme, this means the remains of safety tools such as ( air bags, direction pillar / steering wheel that absorbs the collision and safety belt ) must be put in their required positions that to perform their role in the protection of the passengers of the car and in the external safety. Also we observe that the body of the car must not contain any sharp sides or any apophasises may harm the walkers and the users of the road. Also the risen parts such as the lateral mirror which may be bent at the collision of the external bodies such as the walkers. In the internal safety the preventing systems risen which contain from safety belts and air bags which prevent the driver and passengers particularly in the anterior seats from collision in the anterior glass or other interior parts or rolling inside the car or throwing out side in exposure to accident . this prevention has its impact in decreasing the rate of injuries, a lot of researches and what concern with statistics and experiments which prove their importance. while the direction pillar / steering wheel which absorbs the collisions which bough to himself the protection for driver particularly the driver’s thorax. Also the doors throats in the car body must be kept in its formulation and its solidity after its exposure to the accident in order to be easy for the possibility of its opening. Also to make the salvation men to enter and to get rid the passengers from the car rapidly and to perform the required first aids. In other side the interior parts of the car must be made from materials that are not tend to flaming.