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Who We Are

Our Vision

To firmly exists worldwide pioneer for provision of eminent standard of periodic technical car inspection for all types of vehicles.

Our Mission

Efficient contribution aimed to upraise vehicle standard of safety to safeguard lives and property. This caused through provision of integrated electro-tech inspection services utilizing staff of of - in the art equipment’s supported by highly proficient work order in addition to driver’s enlightenment of responsibility of MVPI for the community interest.

Our Ethics: Our mission is guided by deeply-rooted values and may be represented as follows:

  Credibility of service provision.

  Commitment to international standards.

  Customer esteem and excellent conduct.

  Accurate accountability in provision of services and enrichment of social benevolence distinguished in Saudi Community.

Our Goals

  Top quality and professional inspection of all vehicles kingdom wide.

  Effective contribution aimed to reduction of traffic accidents and to limit their hazards.

  Upraise enlightenment with road drives in respect of car maintenance repair and safety.

  Building - up technical data base as reference to validate roadworthy cars kingdom wide.

  Reduction of the Environmental pollution caused by car exhaust.

  Settlement of MVPI technologies through attraction employment and training Saudi Cadres.